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Migrate to Microsoft 365.

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Fast, seamless & secure data migrations

Experience a swift, seamless, and secure transition to Microsoft 365 with our data migration service. Effortlessly transfer email, files, and archives from over 20 modern and legacy platforms. Trusted by industry leaders like Netflix and, our solution ensures a hassle-free migration experience, minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity throughout the process. With our expertise, your move to Microsoft 365 is not just a shift but a smooth transformation, empowering your organization with the latest tools and capabilities for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

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Migrate your email, contacts, calendars and files to Microsoft 365

Google suite to Office 365

Migrate to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace

Ensure your Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration runs smoothly and without disruption.

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Consolidate your data into Microsoft 365

Migrate mail, file and archive data to Microsoft 365 from over 20 supported source platforms.

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Tenant to tenant Microsoft 365 migration

Migrate several Microsoft tenants into one destination following mergers and acquisitions.

Scalable performance for faster migrations

Our service offers scalable performance to expedite migrations, allowing you to significantly reduce migration time. Leveraging secondary servers and a multi-threaded architecture, we ensure swift and secure data transfer. Our scalable infrastructure adapts to your needs, accommodating varying workloads seamlessly. With user-friendly features, navigating the migration process becomes intuitive and efficient. Whether you’re transferring large datasets or complex systems, our service empowers you to migrate with confidence and speed. Say goodbye to prolonged downtimes and hello to accelerated migrations with our cutting-edge solution.

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Choose the deployment option that suits you


The downloadable version of Reves Enterprise is ideal for customers who want to keep complete control over their project and have the internal expertise for all technical aspects of a migration.


Get started quickly with the SaaS version of Reves Enterprise. Scalable and ready to go, this option requires no setup and less technical know how compared to the on-premise version.

Comprehensive pre-migration environment scan

Our service offers a comprehensive pre-migration environment scan to streamline your migration process. With our complimentary scan, you gain valuable insights into your source environment, minimizing potential delays. We meticulously analyze your environment, detecting issues like corrupted files and providing vital data on item counts, data volume, permissions, and folder depth. This detailed examination enables you to plan effectively, addressing any roadblocks before they impact your migration. Trust our service to deliver thorough assessments that empower you to execute smooth, successful migrations with confidence.
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Security at the core

Your data security is our priority. We are ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant and follow the latest SCSC Cloud Security Principles. We also carry out pen tests and apply secure coding practices in our product development.
Migrate to Microsoft 365


Quick and easy tenant consolidation via a user-friendly browser interface.

Full Control

Advanced control options to change service settings, start/ stop the migration and view service logs.

Detailed Reporting

Robust reporting and notifications to reduce admin time and enable improved responsiveness.

Multiple deployment options

From Azure to Zimbra.
Migrate from over 20 source platforms

With our comprehensive service, we facilitate seamless migration across diverse platforms, spanning from Azure to Zimbra and encompassing over 20 source platforms. Whether it’s transitioning from legacy mail systems to cutting-edge SaaS applications or navigating intricate tech stacks, we excel in managing even the most intricate migration scenarios. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process, minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity for your organization. Trust us to handle your migration needs with precision and proficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives without worrying about technical complexities.

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